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I'm not on dA anymore. Look at my art blog instead!

Support ESPACED on Patreon! is a site that allows you, as a reader, to support work that you like with as much money as you want, and receive perks for it! Very fun for you, very good for the artist, extremely good for the work in progress: in this case, my webcomic ESPACED!

What’s ESPACED about?
ESPACED is about 15-year-old cynical Caida. She and her best (and only) friend Erik live in the quiet Swedish small town Urskogaby. Together they desperately try to rid themselves of boredom by pulling pranks and hanging out in the forest. The small town monotony is broken when Caida accidentally gets entangled with the literally alien lives of Intergalactic Space Policemen Rufus and Milou on their mission to Earth, and leaves her worried best friend behind on Earth. Large questions about destiny and paradoxes follow: is Caida’s arrival to outer space fate? Or was it never meant to happen, potentially resulting in a paradox to end the entire universe? And why the hell do Rufus and Milou look human when they’re alien?!

ESPACED is a science fiction adventure about time and space, but also a story about young people struggling with their Earth lives. It is meant to include a variety of underrepresented and/or marginalized groups of - for instance - characters of different sexualities, ethnicities, genders and mental health.


Why become a Patreon?
ESPACED updates twice a week, but is aiming at even more frequent updates depending on what income it provides me. Updating a webcomic in full colour several times a week is hard work, and to keep the project as stable as possible, it needs to get supported financially - which is why you are now able to support ESPACED as a Patreon! 

As a Patreon, you’ll not only secure ESPACED’s update schedule, but also receive different perks depending on how much money you offer. 


☆ Please help me keep the updates steady and be a Patreon! ☆
☆ Read ESPACED on! 
☆ ESPACED has a Facebook page with extras, news and more! 

Boosting this post would make me happy! ♥


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